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Beauty Back Spa Salon is one of the newest girl games that you can enjoy playing online with all of your friends today. Jenny has been feeling tired lately and she could sure use a back massage and a day at the spa. Why don't you tag along and make sure she has a great time and that she feels relaxed. Guide her to the relaxation table and make sure she is comfortable before you begin your relaxation therapy. You have a lot of beauty products and different creams available for you to use so do your best to use the most appropriate ones as you play through all the fun levels. First off you should use some soap and clean her back as best as you can so you can begin the massage therapy. Use different types of moves and follow all the instructions carefully step by step in every level of the game until you make her look and feel great. After she feels relaxed you can advance to the next round where you will get to try out different types of hairstyle for Jenny. Pick a great one for her so all her work colleagues will envy her.


Use the mouse to play this game

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