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From Rovio entertainment studios we bring you the top angry birds games for PC! About now everyone should had at least tried once one of the games with angry birds not only on PC but on their android mobile phones or iPhone, the multi platform game has an extraordinary success not only on mobile devices but on PC as well. That is why we bring you all of them on PC as well, in this category you will be pleased to find the latest angry birds space games, Star Wars, Bad Piglets or Angry birds Go, all of the Rovio game collection is here for you to enjoy. Learn more about the story of our famous birds who are always in a war with the funny green piglets. If most of the time you will play in puzzle or some kind of shooting games, where you have to throw birds in order to explode the pigs buildings, other times you will have to go in space, or get involved in a total other kind of story, from Star Wars to Christmas stories, this kind of birds are everywhere, you can even find racing games in which again, they will have to build their own cars and race against their long time enemies, the green pigs. Have fun playing our best online angry birds game for free!