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Arthur games

Discover the fun you can have with our new Arthur games free online! If you had been searching for some new PBS kids online games with Arthur than you can be sure you came to the right place cause here you can have lost of fun joining a new adventure with Arthur and his friend or simply play a fun puzzle game, decoration or coloring game with one of your favorite American Canadian animated educational TV character so called Arthur. But who is this character and what are we going to learn by playing with him? Well you must know that he is a young 8 year old boy who goes by the name of Arthur Read and lives with his family and friends in the city of Elwood. The TV series with our friend has been broadcast since 1996, and until 2014 there had been many episodes our, surely you have manage to know him from cartoons, coloring books or other media. Anyhow here you'll find not only puzzles and adventure games, but also educational games for kids of 4 to 8 year old and even more, there are also all kinds of Arthur music box games, comic creators or other fun game that can help the children improve their creativity and feed their imagination.