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Ready to join the avatar games virtual worlds? Well as you might know, one of the best 3D movies that had ever been made, with a remarkable success was of cause the Avatar the last Airbender games 3d. With impressive graphics, excellent sound quality and a ravishing storyline, the series of Avatar had amazed the audience in on of the way no other movie had made. Well if the movie was such a success, imagine the online avatar kids games that you could play on websites, or download on your PC, Android, iOS phones or other platforms. Discover yourself the heavenly world of Pandora, the wonderful Na'vi humans hybrids so called as avatars and of course the fantastic creatures and plants you can explore in a virtual 3d world like this. There are tons of missions out there that needs to be completed, locations to explore and many more. Start playing for free today, create your own avatar which to use in a virtual world, customize it as you like, dress him up, add accessories, use your imagination to get him the hairstyle and make up you like, in a simulation game like this you can be whatever you choose to be. Have fun!