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Find out how fun babies are, playing our top baby games for kids! Boys and especially girls love to play as mom and dad and there couldn't be a girl out there who doesn't have a baby doll or wouldn't like to have a baby to take care off. Luckily for this kinds of kids we have some fun baby bathing games and other games with babies in which they can enjoy playing with, here is where they will learn how to bath, feed and take care of a baby, they can learn about the responsibility of a little child. Also it's clear that girls loves to take care of other parent's children, that is why we're going to help them prepare for a job like this and in our virtual babysitting games online you will have this responsibility, meet all kinds of beautiful children, boy or girl, learn how to play with him, also have fun dressing the babies with some of the most amusing and colourful outfits. Children love toys and decorations, so whenever you have the chance of decorating a Babbie's room, make sure you make it as colourful and fun it can be, with as many toys possible. Enjoy our fun baby girl and boys category!