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The Backyardigans bring to you all new Backyardigans online games that you can play alone or with your family and friends. Join the Backyardigans in their adventures and play Backyardigans racing games, Backyardigans dress up games, nick Jr games,Backyardigans party games, Backyardigans games spy, Backyardigans games super spy, Backyardigans games treehouse, Backyardigans games halloween and even the Backyardigans game robin hood the clean and many other original and fun filled games inspired by the Backyardigans series. The Backyardigans is centered on a group of friends, namely Austin, Pablo, Uniqua, Tasha and Tyrone and their various adventures that range from their daring fantasies to prehistoric times. Each of the Backyardigans characters is shaped after a different kind of animal and so Austin is a kangaroo, Pablo is the smallest one in the group and he's a penguin, Uniqua has a more unique appearance that reminds people of a lady-bug, Tasha is a hippopotamus while Tyrone is good hearted moose. All the characters in the Backyardigans unite to bring you the latest and most fun games available online. The Backyardigans series was first aired on the CBS channel but many will probably remember the show from it from the Nickelodeon channel. Join the Backyardigans in their adventures and enjoy a fun filled afternoon together with your friends.