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Beyblade games

Kids love to challenge each other, and what better challenges there are than beyblade games online? With it's origin in Japan, hosted on TV Tokyo in 2000 and than all across America and Europe, Beyblade had become more than a simple cartoon series, nowadays we have it among children of 6, 7 or 8 years old, in general preschool and school kids, playing online free beyblade games or on their android and iOS devices, they also enjoy playing a game of Bayblade even offline, with all kinds of toys and devices very similar to the ones that their heroes have in manga, anime or in the cartoon series. So if you're here you surely know Tyson, Ray Kon or another player from Bladebreakers or The Tigers, and like in the comic books that you may seen, you'll have to join your favorite team and get into all kinds of international championships. Win matches, upgrade your blade, make friends, earn a big highscore and rule the world! If Beyblade V-force, G- Revolution wasn't enough, wait till you play these flash and unity games and find out if you can also be more stronger than Kai or other enemies and become a legend like Tyson!