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Bibi and Tina

Play Bibi and Tina games and meet two of the most beautiful equestrian girls you could ever meet! But who is this young girl and what is her name? Well if you are also curious about Bibi, we think is best for you to play some Bibi and Tina Riding games online for free. However, we still introduce you to this 13 year old blond girl which is full of surprises. One of the things you must know about her is that she lives in the heart of New Town, place where her family and her friends, she is very talented, she likes ridding horses, she even has her own favorite horse which she rides when she goes to the riding instructor or in equestrian championships or other kind of events with horses. So girls if you want to play a puzzle, a decoration game, a dressing or a horse riding game maybe you can find one with Bibi and Tina. Now that we've introduce you to Bibi, maybe you're also curious about Tina, the year old friend of Bibi, she has red hair, she's also very talented and like horse riding. Did you know that Bibi is also a witch? Well make sure you join our collection of various 3d and 2d girl games and you can find out more about two cartoon and book characters!