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Bibi Blocksberg Games

Our new games with Bibi Blocksberg will surely surprise you! How many of you kids believe in magic? What about witches and fairies? Well here's another fairy tale in which you can join also. Bibi and her friends Marita, Florian and Karla are going on a new adventure and they will love to have someone to give them a hand with the challenges that she's going to face up. We know that girls of 3 years old love to play more than dressing up girls, with animals, so do not be surprised that in this category you'll find Bibi in different scenes along with all kinds of beautiful pets and interesting creatures. So if you have babies, preschool children who wants to play a game, maybe a Bibi Blocksberg might be just the right one for them. Help the little kids learn how to use the mouse, the PC keyboard and why not a touchscreen device, help them learn how to play puzzles, how to accomplish different tasks which are available in our fun educational games. Their time spend here won't be a wasted time, as long as they discover more interesting things about animals, facts, people, history and so on, and Bibi is here to help also. Have fun!