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More than Girls, Boys love bicycle games and today you can also join a bike racing game if you want to. No matter the age you have, as it say, once you've learn how to ride the bike, you'll never forget. Anyhow, what kind of bicycle safety games for kids are you going to find on our website, you might be asking yourselves. Well children, if you're learning to exercise your BMX freestyle techniques, to climb up the mountain using a mountain bike or going in a Paris or other kind of championship cycling race, you're in the right place, cause in this category will be doing our best to bring some of the best bicycle board games that are available online for free! Even more you can have lots of fun with the new kinds of bicycle simulator, 2d and 3d games in which eventually you'll get to have fun with one of the most newest and most coolest bike you could ever ride. So kids if you're ready to prove your ridding skills, whatever you choose to play in single player mode or in multiplayer with your friends now you can prove that you are one of the best in some of the top bicycle online PC games there is!