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Board games

Sine more than 5000 years ago people invented board games. People had found all kinds of ways of entertaining themselves and also challenging one and another to play and test their skills. A few of the most common list of board games people know are chess, backgammon, Milton, hearts, or other kind of dice games and checkers related games. Nowadays kids of 5, ,6 or 7 years old don't play anymore these kind of games in real life, instead they like to challenge each other on a game of checkers or backgammon online for free. Either they choose to play it on Facebook or in browser, these kind of fun activities are knows as be very fun when there are many kids out there playing together, but it's also fun when you get to learn how to play it by playing it in single player, vs the computer, probably not that of a challenge but surely a fun way to start learning how to play. If you like strategy and tactics, well, you better prepare to be good, cause here you'll learn many of these kind of things, your logic skill will be put tot the test when you'll have to figure out how to beat your contestant. Good Luck!