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Play Bomberman games for free! Nowadays we don't really think that kids do know who's Bomberman, Dynablaster or Dyna Blaster as we used to call it in Europe. Original from Japan, these bomberman online games had became really viral in United States, Asia and all across the world. Today if you haven't heard of it, you will do now, and you can enjoy your first game from the top Bomberman series. But how is the game played, what are the rules and what is the mission? Well like the classic, old Nintentdo, 3ds or Wii U platforms, you will will have to place bombs strategical into the levels, which are designed as more or less difficult mazes, and destroy enemies or blocks in order to unlock super powers, more bombs, or clean your path to the exit. The Bomber Nebula is not a safe place to be, and as you will play super Bomberman you'll see that there are all kinds of evil characters trying to destroy you. You might find dr. Ein, Charabon, Louie, Rooey or professor Bagura. Aslo there are a few multiplayer Bomberman game modes that you will surely enjoy playing with your friends on the same pc or online for free, using your facebook, twitter or google plus account. Also make sure to try the android and iOs versions, for more fun!