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Brave Games

The Disney universe is a place of magic and fairy tales and it's also the place where all the Brave games take place. Brave is a tale of a young scottish girl that is ready to fight for her people using her bow and arrows. She is not and ordinary Disney princess but instead a brave warrior princess that is ready to fight magic with arrows in this great animated motion pictures. The movie is great for kids of all ages and you will surely enjoy playing the latest brave games online free with all your friends. Her name is Merida and she is always up for adventure as you will soon see in the newest disney games. Girls will simply love playing the best merida dress up games because they will have the chance of dressing up the beautiful young princess in different types of clothes and dresses to make her look gorgeous. Boys will have a great time also learning how to work a bow and shoot some arrows at all the targets. Help princess Merida in all her adventures through Highland Scotland and defeat the evil witch once and for all before her spells affects all the highland people of her village.