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Camp Lazlo

Now that summer is here it's time to go to camp! And there is no camp like Camp Lazlo for 4 year old kids kids or even 5, 6 or 7 years old.. The popular cartoon network show is always fun to watch and today you get to join him in all his camp activities. You can play a lot of camp Lazlo games with all your friends and start having some fun online. The camp is a wonderful place and you will get to meet up with all of Lazlo's friends like scoutmaster Lumpus the head of the camo, Raj the indian elephant, Clam the albino pygmy rhinoceros, Edward the platypuss, Slinkman the slug, Samson the guinee pig and Chip and Skip the beetle twins. Playing camp games will be a joy for kids of all ages and you will get to have fun and live the camp experience. You will find different types of fun activities starting with classic camp fire games and even the popular camp lazlo dodgeball games. The show centers around a friendly money that loves his status at the camp and dreams of one day taking over Lumpus's job as scoutmaster. He loves eating bananas and having fun with his friends and today you get to join him on his camp adventure.