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Are you in search for some awesome Chowder games for kids? Well if you or your kids love to watch the cartoon TV channel than in this category you and your children will be glad to find some of the best free games with Chowder! But who is this character and what kind of adventures will he bring us? Well he is just a little 10 year old chubby purple creature, in one of the episodes if you recall it says that he is a combination from a cat, rabbit and a bear animal, and he also has all kinds of benefits, however despite of its kind, he is a very impulsive and scatterbrained and he often does all kinds of mistakes. Mung Daal, Shnitzel, Truffles or Panini will all appear in some of the chowder games on cartoon network, online free games which we had brought here for you to try. If the most of the time you'll have to dive in adventures and action, sometimes you'll also have to put your mind to the challenge, your logic and puzzle solving skills might be put to the test in some of the PC flash games for kids of 8, 9, or 10 year old, as for the other category of kids, who are a preschool age you'll find the decoration, coloring and dress up games just as fun as the ones above.