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Meet the 4 students who were able to change their lives forever. Code lyoko is the name of a great computer that took them to another world, world of technology. If you watched code lyoko on cartoon network then you must know them. They accidental activated the code lyoko, and now they have to destroy the artificial intelligence named Xana. Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama, Ulrich Stern and Jeremy Belpois are the 4 kids that can change the world. Now you cand play a lot of games with code lyoko for free and see if you can help them. If you'r not in the mood for the action but you want to play with this guys, then you can play dress up lyoko code or coloring games. By this games you can see the evolution of lyoko code and watch the 4 kids as they go farther in an attempt to destroy Xana. With this new category you will know what to do with your free time, you cand also invite your friends to play to, there are a lot of games with code lyoko for all the kids. You hope that you will have a great time here, and you will succeed to help this kids to save the world.