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Counter Strike

Play counter strike games now online for free! Although it has passed quite a long time from the first game of counter strike had been released, in 2014 we still have lots of fans, players who are addict to these kind of counter strike PC games and they have downloaded all the list of various releases of this game. But what is Counter Strike and how the players play it? No matter the version you playing either you play Condition Zero, Valve, Planet Half Life, Source, Global Offensive or other version when you choose to play in multiplayer mode with your friends, you have some basic rules which are the same in any first-person shooter video game like Counter-Strike. First of all you can choose to play a windows version of the game by downloading it for free, a flash or even an unity3d version. Anyhow if you were to join a game of counter strike multiplayer game, you have to pick a map, then you'll get to pick one the team, either you choose to play in terrorist team or in counter-terrorist team, you'll have quite the same objectives, and that is to shoot down all your enemies using all kind of different weapons you'll be able to buy.