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Courage the Cowardly Dog games

We all love our puppy from courage the cowardly dog games. Whatever you've seen the series on cartoon network, creep tv or pharaoh phobia, there's no doubt that his dog is awesome and in our courage the cowardly dog games free download for pc you'll find out just how awesome he is. Don't be scared, don't worry about ghosts, monsters and horror stories, cause today you have to be brave just like Courage, even if he's quite a silly and little doggy, he is very smart and he will fight any enemy who would have the idea of making a step in frightening his family, Muriel and Eustace. Do you know where the action takes place, what kind of enemies will or little dog from cartoon planet will meet. Well be prepared cause in our 2d and 3d games for kids with courage you'll get to play a horror comedy on a so called Middle of Nowhere place. There you'll have to help our little puppy defeat any enemy, whatever you'll have to go on places you haven't yet think of, learn how to use different commands, complete different tasks and win all kinds of challenges, you're also going to be put to the test in logic and puzzle games. So good Luck!