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Dog with a blog games

Have you tried yet the dog with a blog games? Well kids here are some fun online games for kids of 7, 8 or even 9 year old that you would love to play. As you might already know Stan is a very intelligent dog with the gift of talk, a gift which is a secret well kept by Avery, Tyler and Chloe. Stan loves his new family, he's profession is blogging and he's also known as the Blogging Dog, term which many children also use when they are looking to play some blogging dog games, this category is where they'll get to play some various children games with Stan the blogging dog. Also, this beautiful pet has a energetic personality, helps the humans at a lot of things and he is also a good friend, he loves bacon, poodles, wrapped cats and dislikes the mailman and like every dog out there the cats isn't something he likes that much. If you watch Disney channel you surely know Stan, his friends and most of all his enemies. Today you can join him as well and discover all the adventures and fun activities he has for you. Have fun playing with Stan Mordecai James!