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Dragon Ball Games

Kids love Dragon ball Z games, especially the 90's kids and why not even the kids of 2000 will love to play in dragon ball z kai games made in 2014. There's no doubt that everyone out there knows Songoku and his friends. If you don't know the manga and the anime, we will tell you briefly what is all about. The very beginning of the series of Dragon ball video games online starts when a baby sayan arrives on Earth and there the Kame-Sennin adopts him, teaches him martial arts, and after a short time, Bulma a girl with a blue hair makes team with him and they go on quest in finding the seven dragoon balls which summon the dragon Shenlong, a dragon which can grand them one wish. As they go in the adventure, they become friends with all kinds of characters and even enemies, you will recognize in our dragon ball z flash games and unity 3d games, characters like Piccolo, Pilaf, Krilin, Yamcha, Vegeta, Chichi and many more. But not as puzzle and racing games, the most popular and the ones you are surely looking for to play are the online fighting games with Dragon Ball Z and GT characters, and we can say that you're lucky enough to find them here as well. Have fun beating your friends in multiplayer modes!