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Fanboy and Chum Chum

Have you seen the new nickelodeon fanboy and chum chum games? Well as always this two comic-book, super hero fans love to hangout and have fun, and today it's a special day as you can join them in a fun 3d fanboy and chum chum 2 player online game. Prove that you're just as much into science, fantasy and comic books like Fanboy and Chum Chum his sidekick. If you haven't had the occasion of viewing them on nickelodeon you must know that the main characters of the show are Fanboy, which is a super boy, is very enthusiastic, loves fun and adventure and by his side, Chum Chum, his best friend they go on all kinds of fun adventures where they make friends, escape from all kinds of amusing situations or discover new interesting science things. Most of the games you'll find are like the fanboy and chum chum arcade raid game but also there are some educative 3d video games in which you have to help this two guys solve all kinds of puzzles, complete different tasks or learn all kinds of new things which can help them go further in their adventure. You and your friends surely going to love their story. Have fun!