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Farm Games

Did you know that farm games are one of the most popular games on facebook? Well nowadays everyone has an facebook account and even more at least one in life time you'll get an invitation to play farm frenzy, or an other farm tycoon game or other kind simulation of farm animal games, cause their simple and everybody loves them, no matter of their age, girl, boy, child, mother, everyone loves to take care of animals and grow their own farm, and lets recognize, you must love having your own house, land with plenty of animals, like cows, sheep, chickens, cat, dog, and all kinds of animals, in games like this you can even go really crazy and have panda bears, elephants or penguins, this is the funny thing about virtual farms, cause you can make them as big as you like and you can grown whatever you can imagine, not only animals but also you can take the liberty of growing whatever plants you like the most, from simple flowers, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, to all kinds of trees, from the ones that are very common like apple, pear to cherries or even exotic trees like bananas, coconuts, or any other plant you can think of. Have fun building the farm of your dreams!