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Game description RED KART RACER

Kart race games are very popular nowadays and people are very into such cool and fun games. Imagine that you can drive without getting a ticket for over passing the speed limit or you can race around like a wild one without being chase by the cops. Now how fun does that sound? You can have that kind of fun if you enter now our brand new super cool game Red Kart Racer a game which tell' s the story of a super racer which is very into karting. Find out the story behind the scene by playing now the game. Start by preparing the kart for the cruel race. Watch out cause your opponents are sneaky and each of them is dreaming to be the winner of the race. But a good driver know' s that in order to win you need to focus and control good your kart. Start the race and drive as well as you just can and in the final of the race you will end up the big red winner! Everybody will shout out your name and you will be proud of your new achievement! Have fun while playing our newest free online kart game! Thank you for selecting the best car game ever!


Use the keyboard arrow to play and read the instructions of the game.

This game was added on 28.01.2014 | Was played by 1794 times

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