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Game description KORE KARTS

When talking about races, we cannot forget the crazy kart online games. These games are really popular and have a lot of fans. As we all already know, karting can be so cool and fun, especially cause you don' t need to watch out when you push the limit for the speed. You can chase and run wild on the karitng track without having any problems or disturbing someone. When you hear about so muych fun in this games you simply cannot avoid them. We bring you today a brand new game in which again, as usual, you can enter a karting track race and have lots of fun while driving around like crazy. The rules of the game are nearly existent due to the fact that you don' t even have a speed limit. Just be careful that you won' t end up caught somewhere or by accident destroy your kart. Now that you heard about our brand new free online fun game check out now Kore Karts and start having the time of your life while playing. Be the best at this game and finish before the time run' s out. Thank you for playing our brand new free online car game!


Use the arrows from the keyboard and read the instructions of the game.

This game was added on 28.01.2014 | Was played by 1712 times

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