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Game description MONSTER KARTS

Everybody is talking about karting games online. We definitely understand why! They are the new trend among car games now! What is so cool about this game are the facts that there are no rules, the only thing one should remember is to stay focused on driving around and not getting hurt. Imagine that you can drive around all day long without happening nothing or receiving a speed fee for high velocity. Every driver is dreaming of something like this, driving withou speed limitation. But let us return to our daily catch, we offer you today a brand new super cool car game, Monster Karts in which together with other racers you will compete in a cool race. You can choose your racer from the list of the game. You decide who and what in this game! Ride some pretty cool monster cars which have awesome powers and will make you feel the best driver there ever was. But as all drivers know watch out when you drive so that you won' t get hurt or something. Safety is what count' s and the rest is at you command. Start now enjoying this brand new free fun online car game and thank you for selecting it!


Use the control keys from the keyboard and read the instructions of the game.

This game was added on 28.01.2014 | Was played by 1830 times

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