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Game description PEA KART

Crazy kart games online are very popular, in fact they are so trendy that even in the veggie land the delicious vegetables heard about karting! Now how odd does that sound? May seem odd or funny, but it' s true, the veggies want their own crazy racing kart cars and they started building them. Sound' s unbelievable but it is the truth,one day in veggie land a bold carrot raise his mouth and told the others about what are the animasl and humans up to, meaning the new free time trend, crazy karting games! Said and done, everybody was giving a hand in finishing the big event. It took no more than some days and the peas were the first to be ready for this odd fun karting game. Feel free to join the peas in the most exciting and funny kart game ever Pea Kart and see how do veggies handle a super cool fast kart! Drive careful the kart cause you don' t want to hurt the poor veggies that are so cute that they invited you to play with them. Have fun while racing along together with the yummy veggies in the newest and best kart game ever! Thank you for playing our game!


Use the control keys from the keyboard and read the instructions of the game.

This game was added on 28.01.2014 | Was played by 1924 times

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