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Game description POLICE CAR PARKING

Even if you have a police car that doesn't mean you can park wherever you want. In this fun Police Car Parking game for kids you will have to help the police man park his car in the most dangerous and challenging places, but that is the fun about these online police car parking game isn't it? So, you're going to star the game driving a simple, classic police car, and you are in the mission, the city streets as you will see are very busy, there are traffic jams, destroyed buildings, criminals, ambulances, fire cars and all the chaos you can think of. That is why we need as many police officers we can get in order to restore the order in town. Drive you're car through all the obstacles, try you're best to avoid the other cars and dangerous stuff that can destroy your car and park your car in the required parking spot, you will only get the next mission after you parked your car safely, after that you will get further instructions for the next mission. As you will pass level by level you will get access to more powerful cars and more challenging missions, this is the kind of police car racing games that you will surely love playing for free with your friends!


Use the arrow keys to control the car and spacebar for hand brake.

This game was added on 04.12.2013 | Was played by 2074 times

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