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Game description BATH PAINTING

One of the best place when you can relax yourself is in the bathroom while taking a bath. Everything need' s to make you feel comfortable during the bath, feel free and relaxed. Bathing isn' t only for children, everyone can take a relaxing bath to put order in his thoughts and feel fresh again. To obtain a really relaxing bath time you need to fill up the tub with delicious luxuriant bath foam and feel the scent of perfumed candles. These are very important when taking an invigorating and stimulating bath. But to have the complete session of bath relax you must have a super cool bath decor. A nice arrangement will make your eye dream wide and relax you at maximum. You can now color your very own bath by just entering our newest free fun online coloring game which will catch your eye with its bright and vibrant colors. You just need to click on the brush to select a color and start now painting. See how fun it is to obtain your very own bath decor design in cool trendy colors. You have next to the game a suggestion of the how could your decor look like. Enjoy painting in our newest coloring game!


Use the mouse to play the game.

This game was added on 10.02.2014 | Was played by 2040 times

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