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This is probably one of the best hannah montana makeup games that you can play online and if you are a fan of her work you will definitely love this game also. Miley Cyrus, or Hannah Montana as you might know her better is a singer and actress that is good at everything she does. She recently starred in a new Hannah Montana movie and is now on tour and promoting it to her fans. Fans mean everything for her so she wants to look her best for them. Her next concert is on the Wembley stadium and it's going to be filled with fans so she must look her best. She hired you as her make up artist because she knows that you are the best. Help Hannah look gorgeous for her fans. Start off by cleaning her skin with different beauty products until it's smooth and soft. After that start working on a new hairstyle for her because hair is very important to a girl be extra careful and pick out something stylish and trendy that will make her look great. After you are done with her hair find a new fashionable outfit for her to wear on stage.


Use the mouse to play this game

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