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Game description TAKING CARE FOR BABY

Babysitting games mix in together with girl games perfectly to form one of the best experiences you can have in an online flash game for girls. New girl games 2014 are a lot better than the previous one and they are now a lot more realistic than before. In this game you play as a babysitter and it's your duty to take care of this cute little baby. A real babysitter is always ready for anything and you will have to prove your baby sitting skills this time. The baby is named Chris and it's your duty to take good care of him today and make sure that he doesn't cry at any moment. Start off by getting to know the baby better until you become friends and you gain his trust. After that give him a baby bath. Make sure he has his rubber ducky by his side and that you use baby shampoo so it doesn't hurt his eyes if any bubbles get in. After you wash him. dry him out and start styling up his hair in a cute baby fashion. Dress him up in some cute pajamas and put him to bed. Sing him a lullaby and you are done.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 25.02.2014 | Was played by 2026 times

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