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These basketball games take place in the female basketball season and it's your job to pick out this year's uniform for the girls. Jenna has been playing basketball since she was a little girl and this year she is trying out for the team for the first time. She has been practicing hard and knows that she has what it takes to earn a place on the team and all she needs is a cute uniform. She has a lot of models to choose from and she is going to need your help to pick out the best looking one. Take your time and try on different uniforms on her until you find the perfect fit for Jenna. Try to make the uniform match her looks and style. After you agree upon the perfect uniform try finding a great looking hairstyle for her. Style up her hair in a trendy and stylish new way to make her look gorgeous. She needs to look good to feel good and after you are done with her she will have no problems at the try out session. Make her look stunning so she can make the team because it has been her long life dream.


Use the mouse to play this game

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