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Game description SING WITH VIOLETTA

One of the best way to learn Spanish is not always by going to school and taking Spanish lessons, for kids it is more simple to listen to a song or watch some cartoons or TV-shows in Spanish or in another foreign language they want to learn, this rule applies to everyone in any language. A good example are the online Disney channel Violetta games or the Violetta TV-show from the same channel, this series has a really big success not only in Argentina, Buenos Aires where it was first launched but all across the world starting with United States going through Europe and ending up in China, Violetta Disney channel games and only, has a lot of success, all teenage girls love her and they not only love their show but they also love her music, Violetta is also known as a fabulous singer, and you can sing with her simply by playing this fun Violetta music games or karaoke games as I like to name them, as in karaoke you will have the lyrics in the top side of the game, and the sound in the background, more than that, here you will also have to use your mouse to catch as many music notes you can, in the game you will see that most of the music notes are good but there is one red one that you will not have to catch. Do your best to score as high as you can and have fun learning Violetta's most popular songs!


This game is played with mouse only.

This game was added on 06.12.2013 | Was played by 13871 times

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