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Game description PREMIERE LEAGUE FOOTBALL 2014

Premier League is probably the most interactive football championships in the world. You never know who is going to win the title or who will be this years revelation. There are a lot of feuds in the Premier League so every match counts and some are more than football games, some are more about honor. Are you a fan of the Premier League? Is your favourite team Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United or Chelsea? If so, this game will surely fit you perfectly. Even you are just a flash football games fan you are going to enjoy this fun interactive game. Start off by picking your favourite team and start selecting your favourite players that you want in your first eleven. I personally love Liverpool and think they have the best offensive power the Premier League has to offer, but hey! it's up to you who you pick. English football has always been fast paced and based on strategy more than luck so coach your team nicely and create a perfect strategy for winning a game. Take your time and win every match to earn points. When you think you are good enough go for the title. Good luck and have fun!


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This game was added on 06.12.2013 | Was played by 1800 times

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