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Game description VIOLETTA DRESS UP

If you are a Violetta Disney Channel series fan, you surely know by now what kind of clothes Violetta and her friends loves, even more you must surely like playing online Violetta dress up games like this one, anyhow here is one of the best Violetta Disney channel games that you can play online for free. You had surely played before lots of celebrity dress up and makeover games, but until now you most likely didn't had the chance of dressing up a beautiful teenage Spanish girl like this one. So what is Violetta doing and why she needs your help to dress up in a glamorous dress for tonight, who is she seeing? Is she going out on a date with Tomas or Leon, well we don't want to spoil the game and we would love to let you discover for yourself, surely there are lot of adventures that you can also play in Violetta and Tomas games, but here we will only have to focus on her appearance. So show us your artistic taste in fashion and take a look in her wardrobe, check out any dress you can find, combine outfits and accessories along with hairstyles and cosmetics until you'll get Violetta to look as gorgeous as she can be for any kind of meeting. Enjoy!


Play this game using only the mouse.

This game was added on 06.12.2013 | Was played by 9459 times

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