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Game description ZOMBIE NIGHT

The night of the living dead is here! Zombie games are always more fun to play during the night because the atmosphere makes the game even better. Zombies have invaded you hometown and there is only one thing that you can do.. shoot them all! You are the world's last hope so don't let everyone down and start saving all the survivors. The game is one of the best zombie night game 3d that you can find online and if you are and avid shooting zombies games fan you are in for a lot of fun in this new adventure! The game plays in a first person shooter style and the 3d graphics will surely impress you so get ready to have some fun! Choose between different types of weapons and start exploring the myst for zombies. Take your time and search for all the zombies that are hiding in the dark and shoot them. The only way to take down a zombie is to shoot him in the brain so aim carefully and precisely if you want to kill a zombie on your first shot. Enjoy this great zombie night game and have fun saving the world from the undead.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 11.03.2014 | Was played by 1264 times

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