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How many things do you think you know about Violetta from Disney Channel? Well you can finally test your knowledge in a fun Violetta Video quiz game for girls, here you will be asked all kinds of questions about Violetta's adventures. Here's a tip, if you had watched all the episodes from Violetta Disney channel series, you will surely manage to win this fun online Violetta game. There will be questions from season one and less from season two, however there will be a short video from which she will ask you different question, either what is going to happen next, or what Violetta is going to take, give or receive. There will be also all kinds of fun fashion questions about her dresses, accessories or hairstyle, as a girl you must know how to answer them really easily. Do your best to pay as much attention you can on the videos, even if they are in Spanish, you will surely recognize the characters and again if you haven't seen the episode from which she is asking, if you answer wrong she will let you know the right answer so next time you play the game you can answer right. Another thing if you like Violetta's music you might be in luck cause there will be questions from Spanish music also.


Play this game using only the mouse.

This game was added on 06.12.2013 | Was played by 10033 times

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