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If you enjoyed playing the latest tactic zombie games you are surely going to have a blast in this new one. Zombies have invaded America dn they have gotten to the mexican border so it's time to act fast to save the mexican people. You control a team of special soldiers that are ready to fight any zombie army for their mexican friends and each of the has his own special abilities. Take your time to learn all the moves and each of their special abilities. This game plays in a strategic tactic style similar to the Comandoes series. If you are familiar with this sort of game you will surely have a lot of fun playing these latest new zombie games 2014. Try to advance across the border and kill every zombie that stands in your way. Use each memeber of your team for different tasks and solve all the puzzles along the way to get rid of all the evil zombies that are trying to get in Mexico. Kill all the zombies along the way and save all the mexicans before they get bitten by the undead hordes. Try to get the highest score you can and have fun!


Use the arrow keys and the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 12.03.2014 | Was played by 1423 times

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