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Game description MAFIA CHASE

Do you like mafia games? Well here's a fun online game with mafia chase, your mission will be to eliminate the enemies that wants to take over your territory. This online car games reminds me of the fun Mafia one and Mafia 2 games which was also with old cars, old music and obviously with an old city. However this game is slightly different as here you won't have the possibility of getting out from the car, but still it is quite an adventure, cause as you drive your car on the tracks you will have an indicator that shows you how many kilometers away your enemy is, drive as fast as you can, avoid the other cars and when the enemy is in your radar try as hard as you can to hit him and destroy his car, this isn't an easy job and you can imagine that is also really dangerous, that is why it requires great driving skills and also bravery cause not many people out there are brave enough to fight against the gangsters and mafia of the 60's, 70's. Keep up the good and aggressive driving, take down all the targets and also keep aware for the bonuses and lives that you have on the road, their essential to keep you strong and alive. Good Luck!


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This game was added on 06.12.2013 | Was played by 1948 times

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