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Stephanie needs your help in the best disney games online that you can find on Lazy Town is one of the best shows that you can watch on the Disney Channel. If you love watching fun kids programs and playing lazy town coloring games you are going to enjoy this new fun game. Lazy town has lost all of it's colour and wants them back. They need your help especially Stephanie who really wants her colors back. Help Stephenie by coloring her back to her old self again. Use all your favourite colors to make her day brighter and make sure she looks great when you are done. Color her clothes and the background using all your favourite colours. Take your time and make sure she looks great as you color her. Her colours have been faded off by an evil wizard that was visiting Lazy Town and he used them all up on himself. Luckily for Stephanie and all her other friends she has you to help her out. Play the latest stephanie painting games on our website and enjoy scoring some points to get a great new high score as you play along with Steph.


Use the mouse to play this game

This game was added on 15.03.2014 | Was played by 2950 times

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