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Game description PRISON BASKETBALL

Prison inmates always enjoy playing basketball games and today you get the chance to join them on in a nice series of basket games for kids. Life in prison can get really boring some times and all the prisoners have to entertain themselves are a few basketball games. They always enjoy playing a game and today is a big day because it is tournament day and every inmate is ready to show off his skills to the others. Join the fun and start playing some ball! Choose your favourite team and start practicing around the yard until you feel ready for the tournament. Take your time and practice your shots because there is no turning back once you start playing. When you feel ready for your first round begin to play! Try to outsmart the other team and score points than they do to win the game and advance to the next match. The opposing teams will get faster and harder to beat as you advance in the game and depending on what difficulty level you pick it can get really hard to win the final game but do your best and try to win it all.


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This game was added on 17.03.2014 | Was played by 1246 times

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