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Game description HOT FUDGE ICE CREAM

Are you looking for some fun cooking games to play on your spare time? Enjoy some of the latest girl games that feature cooking right now straight from your browser. So, you don't know what to cook for dessert today? You should try out the latest ice cream cooking games online and choose your favourite dish. This fun game will show how to cook some delicious hot fudge ice cream in just a few steps. The game takes you through the whole cooking process so pay attention closely. What could possible taste better than the sweet taste of ice cream combined with the delicious hot flavour of fudge. Combine these two together and you can't go wrong with the results. Follow the recipe's instructions carefully step by step and mix in all the right ingredients for this tasty dessert. It's important that you use only fresh ingredients so if you are not sure of something you should take a trip to the store and buy them. Follow all the instructions carefully and trey to repeat each cooking process just like the game requires you to do so. Cook this delicious meal and share it with all your friends and family. Enjoy!


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This game was added on 27.02.2014 | Was played by 3004 times

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