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Game description FISH EAT SMALL FISH

Let's have some underwater fun in the newest fish eat small fish game! Meet Bibo the little fish. He is small now but he hopes to be as big and as strong as all the other fish some day. He needs your help and today you get to help him on one of the newest games you can find on Guide Bibo through the sea and find fish that are smaller than him to eat them. You grow with each fish that you eat so try to get as many as you can. Once you grow you will have a larger variety of fish who are smaller than you that you can eat. The game really is a lot of fun to play and I'm sure that you will enjoy it a lot. Help Bibo get as big as a shark so no fish can stand in his way. Enjoy the latest fishing games online and try to eat as many fish as you can because you are rewarded points with each fish that you what and bonus points will help you get a new high score that you can post on the game board later on.


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This game was added on 22.03.2014 | Was played by 1965 times

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