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Game description GRANDMA KITCHEN

Cooking is a fun way in which you can relax yourself and also learn brand new interesting things. The kitchen is the best place where you can learn incredible awesome things and try out different recipes which are absolutely delicious. A cool way to cook is with your grandma from which you can learn a lot of interesting things. Remember that grandmas have incredible stories to tell and you can learn from them many things and many more. You can now play today a brand new interesting with a super cool granny in which you will discover super yummy delicious recipes. The game is simple to play, you just need to read the instructions from the game and you will easy accomplish each task. The main objective of this new fresh cooking challenge is to help out old grandma to cook some of her delicious recipes. Do what ever you need to do in order to obtain a super cool dish and make granny happy. You will have a lot of fun playing this new free fun online game with kitchen, cooking and a lovely granny. Thank you for selecting our newest free online game for kids with kitchen and special recipes.


Use the mouse to play the game.

This game was added on 04.03.2014 | Was played by 3107 times

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