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Game description DOGS CARE CENTER

Play some of the most fun dog care games online for free on our website,! We are proud to present the most modern and fun virtual dog caring center in which you can discover what does it take not only to clean up after a dog, but to wash more dogs, and maybe even cats. Here is a fun dog care center game in which you may learn a thing or two of creams, shampoos, washing soaps, fleas and all the other insects or dirt that the dogs may have. Spring is here, and all the animals are really happy cause they finally can get out of the house and enjoy a beautiful sunny day, they are so energetic, especially the little puppies, its almost impossible to hold them down, and kids, be aware if you get to take your puppies out, watch yourself cause they will go in every pond, dirt, and bite, eat and smell anything they can get their nose on. But this is not bad, cause, having fun is all about in this life, and this Dog Care center is the place where that kinds of masters will come to clean up their pets.


Play this game using only the mouse.

This game was added on 18.03.2014 | Was played by 1903 times

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