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Game description MIA AND ONCHAO PUZZLE

Free Mia and Onchao puzzle here at http://www.g9y9.com. Join the thousands of players already enjoying the me and Mia games online and especially the Mia and Onchao games. A whole new series of me and Mia puzzles which features Mia and the unicorn called Onchao. Finish all the puzzles to unravel the story behind Mia and the golden unicorn named Onchao. Help the desert bloom again by saving the unicorns. Mia and her friends need your help to solve the mystery that threatens to destroy everything that is dear to her. Join the quest for a better world and solve all the puzzles alone, or together with your family and friends. Race with others and be the first to finish each puzzle. Help the magical world of Mia to escape from the evil clutches of Queen Panthea and recover the magical, pure air it once had. Don't let the evil queen steal the unicorn horns for her own selfish gains. True beauty lies in the heart not the skin as she thinks. Help Mia in her quest to find the way home and join her in the final battle where she is helped by the unicorn Onchao and her other magical friends. Enjoy the free Mia and Onchao puzzles and be one of Mia magical friends.


Enjoy these puzzles by using the mouse, simply by doing click and drag actions. Snap the pieces together in the correct order to be successful.

This game was added on 28.04.2014 | Was played by 3529 times

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