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Game description BARBIE DRESS UP

This Barbie dress up game brings up a feeling of the 80's by the variety of clothes that she can wear. Dress up games have a long history behind them and especially Barbie dress up games online have been here since long before. The long history of Barbie dolls have given birth to many original dress up games, and this game is such an example. In this game you get to dress up the Barbie doll named Mimi. She has plans to go out with her friends today and she needs to be cute and at the same time able to move freely. Try your hand at this cute little game and dress Mimi up any way you want. Try different combinations and see what you like. Add different bags, sunglasses, jewelry, outfits and shoes. Let Mimi walk proudly in this fun little game and try on all the clothes. Start your adventure together with Mimi and create new memories together in this new and exciting game. Make new friends, hang out with them, maybe even meet your special one, because everything is possible in the reals of Barbie. Experiment with new looks on Barbie and join her adventures in the magic world that she lives in.


Use the mouse to drag the clothes around Mimi.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 1902 times

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