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Game description BARBIE BACK TO SCHOOL

A new Barbie Back to School game for all of you that enjoy dressing up for school. This special dress up game offers a variety of customization that you can apply to Barbie. School games are usually fun but Barbie ones are more so. Barbie just got into her first choice of high school and she's looking forward to the first day of class so she can meet new people, make new friends and go to new and exciting places. All the things that she will be able to learn in the next few years of high school will be the foundation in her life as an adult so she's looking forward to the first day of class. How will the teachers be and who will she befriend, all these questions are making her dizzy with excitement. She's actually so excited that she can't sleep. Seeing as she has nothing else better to do, Barbie decides to prepare her clothes for the next day. But what should she wear so she makes the best impression? Help her choose an outfit, her bag, shoes and even the accessories that she should add to her outfit. Share your fashion sense with her for this important day.


Use the mouse to play Barbie Back to School.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 1659 times

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