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Game description BARBIE PRESTO PIZZA

Barbie Presto Pizza game from the Barbie games series, a free pizza game online, just for you. This game is a fun-filled way to spend a couple of hours with making fantasy pizza. How many can you make? Will you be able to take all the orders and make them in time? Barbie is looking at another challenging part-time job. She needs to make all the orders that come in before the time runs out. she's still new at this so you, as her friend and colleague need to help her figure things out. Teach her how to roll the dough, choose the tray, put the filling in, cook it and spice it, to be on pair with what the customer is looking for. She must do all of this and do them fast. Can you help her? Barbie wants to be independent so she tries her hardest to find the right job for her. Is being a pizza cook the right one for her? Will she be able to make enough money to move out and be independent or will she just have enough for her friend's upcoming birthday? Try out and help her achieve her dream. How far can you two go?


Use the mouse to move though the kitchen and help Barbie complete her orders.

This game was added on 05.05.2014 | Was played by 3803 times

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