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Game description SURF BARBIE

Surf Barbie is here for you on these hot summer days. If you've played all kinds of surf games you should know that they are awesome. Try out this Barbie game online all for free. Merliah has waiting all year for this important surfing competition and now it is finally the time to do it. Help Merliah get the best score and win the gold trophy. Winning the number 1 place isn't as easy as it seems. The sea waters are tricky and you have to keep doing tricks for such a high honor. While on the wave Merliah has to take care not to hit seagulls or to trip over sea lions as they can appear while she's riding the wave. For the chance to get the first place in the annual surfing competition she must try her best to keep doing tricks and gather starfish when surfing. Of course that slowing down to much while doing all this can lead her to getting wipe-out. You can even do air tricks while jumping for the stars, considering that you don't get interrupted by those silly seagulls. Keep Barbie on the surfboard and do the best score for a gold trophy.


Use the keyboard to play Surf Barbie.

This game was added on 09.05.2014 | Was played by 2421 times

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