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Here at you can enjoy barbie horse games or just simply barbie games. Barbie online games give you the opportunity to style barbie and her friends to your heart content. Barbie country horse is the best way for you to take care of Barbie and her pretty friend the horse. Clean the horse and choose its characteristics such as the tail and his mane along with the saddle, and make him match with what Barbie is wearing. Make both of them look alike or completely different, take care or Barbie and her friend the horse. Take care of them and you are halfway though a world of never ending adventures. Just imagine the possibilities that awaits for Barbie and her horse as they get ready to enter a world of exciting new adventures. For them, to be able to withstand whatever the challenges that waits for them, they need to be prepared by you. Take your time to dress, clean and care for them as these are very important factors that need to be achieved before they can embark in their new adventure. Make Barbie and her horse the prettiest in the world. Maybe Kent is waiting for them along with his trusted stallion.


Use the mouse to direct the cleaning, grooming and dressing of Barbie and her horse.

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